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The Interns (2023) Episode 3 English Subbed

The Interns (2023)
A group of newly graduated doctors begin their internships at Maharak Hospital. Lin hopes to impress Dr. Thida, the country's most famous brain surgeon so that he'll pick her as his protégé. Pawin is the pillar of his family. With his family facing financial troubles, he works hard to take amazing care of all his patients. Emmi is the heiress of an importing business that moves medical equipment. She means to make connections in order to profit from future business in the medical industry. Ket is chasing her dream of being a doctor who treats all patients equally, regardless of gender identity. Best has high ideals; he has a love for what is right. He became a doctor out of a desire to make changes in the system, wanting everyone to receive equal treatment. He doesn't want to see anyone die hopelessly as his little sister did.

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