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The Memory (2021) Episode 12 English Subbed

The Memory (2021)
Lin Chu Fan is the owner of the inn by his deceased friend. He is a phantom eater. He is good at concocting "the realm of beautiful food" through food, so that guests can unwind in the "realm of beautiful food". Dong Li was the "black heart squeeze" by Lin Chu Fan, responsible for the front desk, butler, waiter... and other tasks. Lin Chu Fan is constantly "curing" the psychological problems of the guests. However, as the guests come and go, he begins to feel that some things are strange. He can weave the illusion for the guests, but he can never enter his own "sweet food." ", I can’t seem to recall the past; a girl named "Xiao Xiao" came to him and made him feel familiar, and the women in Xiao Xiao’s mind seemed to have a strange connection with him; he even found that they seemed to be unable to get out of this mountain...

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